Lazy days

Has this ever happened to you?

You wake up and open one eye slightly, just enough to see the clock.  It’s 8:30 a.m.  Your heart starts racing, your eyes open wide and you sit up abruptly in bed.  You’re late.  Late for school, work, an appointment, a meeting…you’re late for something.  But after a few seconds, you realize…it’s Saturday.  You’re not late.  You have no school, no work, no appointments nor meetings.  The only thing you have to do today is relax.  You double-check the clock: 8:32 now.  You put your head back on your pillow, pull the blankets up around your neck and close your eyes.  Aaaahhhh…more sleep.

I imagine it’s been a while since many of us have been able to just spend a day relaxing.  Well hang in there everyone.  It’ll only be a week until the homework stops and we get our evenings and weekends back.  We will be able to spend our days (off) however we choose to.  We can once again enjoy a lazy day every now and then without feeling guilty about not getting any work done, or having to stay up extra late the night after in order to catch up.  

I don’t necessarily encourage laziness, but once in a while it’s a nice reward for all of the hard work we have been doing.  So before the end of our internships, we should all give ourselves at least one lazy day.  Sleep in, stay in your pajamas, eat ice cream in bed, watch your favourite movie, have a hot bath…the day is yours.  The next day you’ll feel refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to get back to your life.


6 comments March 21, 2009

It smells like spring!

Do you know what I mean by “the smell of spring”?  Let me paint this olfactory picture, if I can.  It’s sweet and fresh, but is still cold on the inside of your nostrils.  It smells like new grass, earth and worms.  And maybe it’s just me, but it seems that inevitably, someone nearby is doing laundry and the fresh, floral scent lingers in the air.  If you add all of those smells together and then add a hint of fresh burning wood, THAT is the smell of spring.  Maybe you all have your own associations, but these are all of the things I smell when spring is just around the corner.

I always feel more alive in the spring.  I love going for walks, opening the windows in my house, and reading on a comfy lounge chair outside.  I love the extra hour of daylight and watching the trees bloom a little more each day.  I love listening to the birds, even at 5 a.m.  But most of all, I love knowing that my big, heavy winter jacket will get put away soon, and I won’t have to see it again for several months.

Taking a walk on a brisk, spring morning or evening is a great pick-me-up.  The next time you need a boost (of energy or in spirit), take a walk to the end of your block and back.  If you can’t do that, take a few minutes to stand outside and take a few deep breaths.  It’ll put some oxygen into your body and help you feel more alert and refreshed.  While you’re outside, pay attention to all of the things that are happening in nature as the weather gets warmer.  If you’re anything like me, the thought of warm weather will always bring a smile to your face.  And if you took the advice in my last Blog, when you get back to your computer you’ll be greeted by pictures of your favourite things.  With these things combined, you should have a smile on your face in no time.  

So let’s enjoy the spring, everybody.  Before you know it, we’ll be brushing snow off our cars again.

7 comments March 18, 2009

A tip for your background.

I literally just interrupted the editing of my feature article to create this post.

The other day I decided I needed to change the background on my laptop.  I like to change it up every now and then and it’s been a while, so I went searching for something I would want to look at every time I opened my computer.  And I found it.  

Toni Boadway - one of my little sweetheartsThis is my little cousin, Toni.  She is one of the loves of my life, and there are 2 of her!  She has a twin sister named Rhiannon.  I would have put up a picture of both of them, but there aren’t very many pictures in which they look this innocent (that’s right, don’t be fooled).  Anyway, the reason I am sharing this is because as I was editing, I was getting very frustrated that things just weren’t coming together as well as they were earlier.  I decided I needed a break, so I closed the window I was working in and saw this picture blown up across my computer screen.  It totally lifted my mood, and instead of leaving to watch TV, I stayed to keep editing.  That is, until I stopped to blog.  So my suggestion for all of you, during this time of year when we don’t very often get to leave our computers, is to change your computer backgrounds to something that will make you smile.  When you need a moment to collect yourself, just look at the picture and take a deep breath.  If you don’t smile within 3 seconds, change the picture, it’s the wrong one.  

I hope this tip helps everyone get through the next few weeks.  Happy editing!

5 comments March 10, 2009

My Valentine’s Day…alone.

My boyfriend, Brad, is an amazing cook and an aspiring chef.  I consider myself very lucky for this…most days.  Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day is one of the largest restaurant holidays, so we rarely get to spend it together.  I’ve accepted this over the last few years.  Come to think of it, I’d much rather have a homemade dinner ANY other time (of lobster and scallops with a white wine reduction over julienne vegetables and a side of brown rice risotto…mmmmmm) than a dozen roses on Valentine’s Day!  So, I’ve found other ways of making myself happy on Valentine’s Day.  I’ve gone out with the girls, gone out with my parents, hung out with my best friend for some basement karaoke, relaxed in the hot tub, spent the night at work, etc.

This year, I decided I didn’t need anyone else.  All I needed was my favourite fuzzy blanket, a cup of tea and The Holiday.  I was set.  After dinner (which wasn’t as good as Brad’s dinners…sigh) I decided I needed a little self-pampering.  I did my nails, moisturized my arms and hands and gave myself one of those packaged facials that smell really really good.  By about 8 p.m. I felt great.  

My next move was inspired by the Friends episode in which Rachel, Monica and Pheobe dress up in wedding dresses to try to cheer Rachel up.  Since I don’t have a wedding dress, I put on a cute, maybe slightly sexy, little nightgown, my fuzziest slippers and I grabbed my favourite blanket.  I made myself a cup of the most delicious Mango, Pomegranate, Acai Berry Green Tea and sat down on my big comfy couch to watch The Holiday.  Ladies, if you haven’t seen this movie, I suggest you do so.  Men, if you suggest to your lady that maybe the two of you should watch The Holiday tonight, I guarantee you’ll score some major points.  

There I was, alone on Valentine’s Day, but I was perfectly content on my couch.  Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was watching Jude Law for two-and-a-half hours, or maybe it was just what I needed after a busy week.  Either way, this was a great pick-me-up on what could have been a miserable night.  Ladies, I suggest at some point, when you need a mood lifter, put on your favourite nighty, turn on your favourite movie (it helps when the leading actor is an attractive male) and make yourself a cup of your favourite tea (I imagine hot chocolate would work here as well).  

I hope that I can improve at least one night for one lonely woman with these suggestions.

4 comments February 18, 2009

Family Night at the Local Bar – Very Happy Thoughts

There are lots things in this world that give me the warm-and-fuzzies.  To name just a few, chocolate, pink roses, kittens, The Notebook, Chad Michael Murray, (these are not in any particular order) my boyfriend, Brad and my best friend, Amanda.  But the thing that always makes me happiest is my family.

This year is my first year living away from home.  It’s overwhelming at times and it can get pretty lonely.  I have friends here and I love them all very much, but sometimes, a girl just misses her family Oh, and cat.  So, I usually make the one-and-a-half hour drive back to Richmond Hill about every other weekend or so.  This weekend in particular, it was worth every second.

I got home at aroud 9:00 p.m. on Friday night to find that my parents had gone over to a bar near our house.  With my parents was my mom’s best friend, Lori (aka Mom #2).  I decided to join them.  It’s interesting to be hanging out with your parents and all their friends at a bar on a Friday night, that’s for sure.  But as the night went on (and more and more people told me I look like my mom), more and more family showed up.  Eventually, I was there with Moms #1 and #2, my dad, brother and boyfriend, and Mom #2’s kids (our best friends).  At a bar on a Friday night.  With some of my best friends and my parents.  And my parents.  I know it’s different now because we are older, but there is still something weird about drinking with your parents.  At a bar on Friday night.  With your parents.

But I have to say, it might have been one of the best nights I’ve ever had.  A fantastic cover band played while we racked up my dad’s bar tab and danced the night away.  We had so much fun.  I love my family.  This night will forever be one of my happy thoughts!

3 comments February 11, 2009

Why happy thoughts?

Pick out a pleasant outlook,

Stick out that noble chin.

Wipe off that “full of doubt” look,

Slap on a happy grin.

And spread sunshine all over the place,

Put on a happy face!


When I have a bad day, I REALLY have a bad day…and everyone knows it.  But I’m the kind of person who hates bad days.  I hate being grouchy, cranky, miserable.  Usually, I can come home and dance around my apartment to “Twist and Shout” a few times (if you’ve never done that, I highly recommend it…it’s an instant mood booster) and I feel better.  But what about those long days at school when I don’t have access to my iPod, or the luxury of a private space in which I don’t mind looking like a goof?  My solution to that problem is this Blog.  

I’m going to start Blogging all of my exceptional days.  Or even just minutes or hours of a day that were great.  That way I can look back and have a reminder of why I should cheer up.  I hope (for everyone’s sake) this helps.  Maybe if we all took a few minutes each week to do this, it would help us combat those “second semester blues” we might be suffering from.

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